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Can I host, upload, or redistribute your files?

While GOOC is really just a small group with projects that will most probably never see the light of day in English, we’d like you to refrain from sharing. However, we are aware that on the internet it’s impossible to restrict you from doing so. Therefore, the least you could do is ask and let us know where you want to share which projects, and credit/link back to us, and do NOT remove anything from the files. Also keep in mind that we are providing DIRECT DOWNLOADS for all unlicensed releases. No passwords. No registration. No closed community. Why share them elsewhere? 😉

Can I translate xxx project into a different language?

In general yes. If our releases contain an insert that says no re-scanlations/-translations allowed, then we will ignore all incoming requests for that particular project.
Proceed as follows:
1) Check this list first if any other group in your language has already gotten our permission to the project you want to work on.
We only allow one group of each language for one project.
2) If there is no other group, contact us and fill out the form properly.
3) These are our terms:

  • Request for one, at max two projects at a time.
  • Include our credit page in your own release.
  • Do NOT remove our watermarks.
  • Link back to our website.
  • Send your first release directly to us within 3 months for confirmation that the project is indeed active.


I can’t open rar files. Why are there no zip?

As of 2010/2011, there will be no more releases packed in zip. Volume archives are also in rar. Why? WinRAR has a very convenient feature called “Recovery Record”. In case a file gets corrupt, it can still be repaired with this (to a certain amount of corruption). The contents can be viewed in manga reader programmes such as XnView, Comicsviewer or CDisplay Comic Reader WITHOUT unpacking the files. There are many other programmes especially made for reading comics/manga only. If you still insist on unpacking the files to read, you can install WinRAR or 7zip. (Note: Older releases will be left as zip files for now because we don’t have time to re-pack all of them.)

Why are you so slow?

Because the group is small (check our staff list) and we all have our real life to deal with, too. You shouldn’t take scanlations for granted. People use their free time to do this of their own will, and sometimes we just don’t feel like working on scanlations. Don’t beg, be patient, or just buy the book 😉

I want to help! Can I?

Thank you very much! We always need people to keep the releases coming 😉
Go here for available positions.

Do you accept requests?

Sorry, no. Due to lack of staff it’d be an unwise decision. We would never get anything done that way 😉

Do you take donations?

Yes, if you can and want, you can donate. All money donations will go to maintaining the server (via PayPal: so that we can keep providing you with direct downloads. If you want to donate a manga, please contact me about the details directly.
Thanks in advance for any donations! =)

Can I re-use your scans for avatars, icons, signatures etc.?

Sure you can. Credit is not needed but would be nice of you.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate and just contact us! =)