Game Over Or Continue...

BL Scanlations since 2001

You can email us at game.over.or.continue [at] or visit us on IRChighway in #gameover.
No proper contact form right now. Stupid plugin won’t work -.-

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For Re-scanlation Requests

1) Check this list first if any other group in your language has already gotten our permission to the project you want to work on.
We only allow one group of each language for one project.
2) If there is no other group, contact us and fill out the form properly.
3) These are our terms:

  • Request for one, at max two projects at a time.
  • Include our credit page in your own release.
  • Do NOT remove our watermarks.
  • Link back to our website.
  • Send your first release directly to us within 3 months for confirmation that the project is indeed active.

Don’t forget to include your name, your group’s name, your website, language, and project(s) in the email!