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#249: Breakable (T&B dj)

Category : Doujinshi, Releases · (29) Comments · by Nov 30th, 2013
#249: Breakable (T&B dj)

Not dead, just terribly busy. Tiger & Bunny dj – Breakable Next release around Christmas/New Year. Enjoy!

#247: 12th Anniversary (finally)

Category : Announcement, Doujinshi, Manga, Releases · (137) Comments · by Aug 10th, 2013
#247: 12th Anniversary (finally)

I’m not even sorry for being late but I AM pissed because of relevant issues. Regarding Bronze on MangaTraders: I…

#245: Happy Holidays!

Category : Doujinshi, Manga, Releases · (30) Comments · by Dec 25th, 2012
#245: Happy Holidays!

Christmas presents – part 2! I feel a little bad that we have so little for you this time but…

New layout

Category : Announcement, Doujinshi, Releases · (21) Comments · by Nov 7th, 2012
New layout

As you can see, I managed to “make” a new website layout. Basically I used a pre-made theme and tweaked…

New Project: Akiyama-kun

Category : Doujinshi, Manga, Releases · (51) Comments · by Jun 2nd, 2012

WHAT?! Only 3 weeks after the anniversary there’s a new release?! OMG! WTF is going on?! … Just a motivational boost xD

We’ve decided to release a new Dragonball Z doujinshi, “Secret”, as thanks to Lord Truhan for hosting our website AND direct downloads. Be sure to visit his website Boxer & Rice and give him some love =D I recommend the Kamehasutra. Even if you’re not a DBZ fan, it’s an interesting read with fabulous illustrations. Also, if you want to help out, you can donate to keep both websites and downloads alive. Any amount is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

As the title indicates, we have a new project for you: Akiyama-kun! We’re very excited to be able to work on this. It’s a cute and very smutty book *O* Big thanks to Uminonaka for letting us use their raws. Thank you very much! Oh right, we’re gonna decensor the whole book ;D

Now go and enjoy your pr0n xD

11th Anniversary

Category : Announcement, Doujinshi, Manga, Releases · (76) Comments · by May 12th, 2012

Finally it’s time for the real thing. We’re celebrating being old! XD You gotta admit 11 years is old on the internet…
Before you run off to the releases, pls take some time to read my ramblings ^^

First off, a very very grateful thank you to my staff Tifa-chan, GiggLz and Xiao Cha! We’ve never been this active since … 2008? o_O Also many thanks to Lord Truhan for hosting our website and downloads. A big thanks also goes out to our joint partners Moix-Ryu, BangAQUA, Ebil Trio and raw providers lufjad, iwashi, Myra, amoxi, Shinjisan, kerfin and Pandora Scans. My apologies if I forgot someone (._.)

We are looking for someone who can provide HQ raws of Bronze v13-15. If you are interested, email us via contact form or at game.over.or.continue @ (without spaces). All we can give you in return is a 90% guarantee that we’ll finish the series ;P
In case, we can’t find ways to get our hands on the books, we might consider dropping Bronze after volume 12… (this is NOT a threat)

So, on to the releases! =)

  • Ao no Exorcist dj – 5 Moments Before
  • A different pairing this time. It’s Shima x Rin! Troubled Rin is cute xD

  • Lucky Dog dj – Lovesick Letter
  • For all those who don’t know what Lucky Dog is: LD is a BL visual novel game about 5 mafia members busting out of jail and rising to new power. I don’t play visual novels but this game is really good. A good plot, great characters and nice chara design.
    Big thanks to terracannon678 for translating this dj for us. She also has a blog where she translates the game. So check it out ;D Aaand enjoy the doujinshi, too, of course. It’s decensored.

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn dj – Sanctuary
  • The sequel to Asterisk is finally done. Not much to say here. It’s decensored ;D

  • Tiger & Bunny dj – Keith Beware Bad Man
  • Of course we have a T&B dj for you. Keith+Barnaby x Kotetsu goodness! Unfortunately a little short and for anyone asking about the continuation: We will do the sequel, we’re waiting for the raws though. It’s decensored.

Last but not least…

  • Bronze – volume 11 chapters 41-46 !!!
  • And this is one of the many reasons we had to delay the anniversary.
    Tbh there are no excuses for the long hiatus on this manga. I feel really really really bad that the last release of the main story was back in 2008. That’s 4 frickin’ years! >_< So in case you forgot what happened last, a short summary:

    Nanjou Akihito is worried about his older brother Hirose’s strange behaviour and therefore blames his other brother Kouji for it. In his madness and love for his brother, he spots Izumi on the street by chance, who was on his way to get Kouji’s Christmas present, and runs him over with his car. Kouji is devastated by the news and tries to kill Izumi to spare him his suffering of never being able to walk again. But Shibuya stops him in the nick of time…

    The worst kind of cliffhanger… Anyway, due to circumstances I had to rush-edit this volume in 10, 11 days. I apologies for any off-looking edits ._.

So, that’s it. Now grab the releases and have fun reading them!
Comments and feedback are much appreciated, so let us know what you think! And what’s your stand on decensoring: Should we keep doing it or is it a waste of time? (Atm we pretty much do it on a whim… and because it’s fun to redraw dicks XDDDD )

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, to all moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! =D

Enjoy! \(^o^)/