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What is Game Over Or Continue?

We are a non-profit BL scanlation group providing unlicensed BL manga. Contents licensed in English will be immediately removed. We encourage you to buy your own copy when they are released.

Be a responsible fan.


Game Over Or Continue was founded by Re-chan some time in 2001. At the beginning, it wasn’t a scanlation group like it is now. It was only a hobby of hers to let others enjoy BL manga, too. Along with Desperate-Love, GOOC was one of the first yaoi scanlation groups.

Slowly, but surely a group was formed with more and more people volunteering to help. They worked independently on various projects such as X by CLAMP, West End or Love Mode. Not long after, LadyNagisa joined the group and helped out as a co-admin and editor. Some might remember her as she was also very active in other BL scanlation groups such as Peccatore-Sanctuary and No Deadline. On April 3, 2003 a Yahoo!Group was formed as mailing list (and is still in use today). Since the foundation date is not known, this date was set to be the “birthday”. GOOC continued but, unfortunately, in its third year it had to struggle with many problems. Thus Re-chan handed over the group to Cleo and icassop on October 5, 2004 due to lack of time.

After contacting the old staff and recruiting new people, the group once again flourished with a great number of releases in an improved quality. While prior projects such as Bronze, West End and Ja-dou were continued and re-released, new manga were picked up. Along with Bronze Tori Maia’s BDSM manga Hoshi no Yakata became one of the favourites.

However, slowly staff members disappeared or quit again and GOOC grew smaller with time. Various problems also arose during recruitments, thus the group couldn’t find any more helping hands. Co-admin Cleo also quit and dedicated her time to the German scanlation group Akuma-Corporation. 2009 seemed to mark the end with only one release but in 2010 icassop acted as jake-of-all-trades to revive the group once again, albeit with only 2 members.

GOOC has been around for long but now, it only serves to complete the long-running series Bronze and Data, and a few shorter projects. With the end of these projects, the group will most likely close its doors forever.

Other BL scanlators around 2002-2003:

Sakura-Crisis, Obsession, Essence of Purity, Mangagedon, Shi-Ran – The Orchid Lounge, Nakama: Circle of Friends, Project Shueiguo, AtlantisDream


icassop: Jack of all Trades


iwashi: Scanner
Lord Truhan: Scanner, Hoster
lufjad & senshi: Scanner
okaasan: Scanner

Retired Staff

Cleo: Administrator, Scanner, Recruiter, Organiser, Website
Chika: Japanese Translator
cricri: Editor
hitomi_blue: Japanese Translator
GiggLz: Proofreader, QC, Cleaner
*Karasak: Scanner
kat1088: Editor
Kazuki: Japanese Translator
Kaze: Cleaner, Editor
*Kinna: Translator, Editor
Kishizu: Japanese Translator
Kitsune: Scanner
*LadyNagisa: Mod, Editor, Scanner
Lexi-chan: Proofreader, Quality Checker
Min: German Translator
Miss Kittin’: Cleaner, Editor
Misura: German Translator
Pheeon-sama: Editor, Scanner
*Re-chan: Group founder, Scanner, Translator, Editor
*Reina: ??
rottigrrl: Japanese Translator
*Rox: Scanner, Editor
Sakura Fubuki: Japanese Translator
Sekari Sumeragi: Japanese Translator
semegoddess/mullenkamp: Proofreader
*Setsuna-chan: ??
Shini (or Kuroi Shini): Scanner
sleepless beauty: Chinese Translator
Solacida: Japanese Translator
*SunaNeko: German Translator
*Sweetcream: Scanner, Translator, Editor
Tai:: German Translator
the_baka_editor: Editor, Cleaner
Tifa-chan: Editor
*Warabi: ??
Xiao Cha: Japanese Translator
Xilmin: Editor
Yoji: Scanner, Cleaner
*Yuki: ??
yuyu-chan: Chinese Translator
zelie417: Scanner

*Staff members before take-over in 2004.

Retired Freelancers

Bogy: Scanner
dnabunny: Chinese Translator
Donna: Chinese Translator
Hentai: Scanner, Editor
Hitomi: Japanese Translator
Joker321: Japanese Translator
Ilian: Japanese Translator
Klueless: Japanese Translator
picco-chan: German Translator
pizzacase: Editor
Rogue11: Editor, Scanner
tessa_noil: Editor
Xanodel: Chinese Translator
Yon: Japanese Translator

Misc. Helpers

Leha: Bots!
[A-C]Sase: Website layout 3
KingFish: IRC-Distro, File Hosting
MegKF: Website layouts 1+2
Niedy: IRC-Distro + Channel Help
obby: IRC-Distro + Channel Help
syzygy: IRC-Distro + Channel Help