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#254: 21st Anniversary

Category : Manga, Releases · by Apr 3rd, 2022

I shouldn’t promise releases because I can’t keep them anyway… But fear not! I have half of what was promised ready for you on this joyous occasion: volume 14 of Bronze!

Again, big thanks to Crystal Espers from Naono Holics for helping out with this project. It wouldn’t be possible without her and her staff. Thank you so much!

I have to say, Bronze doesn’t let up at all in this volume. It gets crazier and crazier but we’re almost at the finish line >o< Hopefully, we’ll see you again for the last release next year (because I’m sure it’ll take us that long again…) And I hope that our boys will finally have their happy end after going through so much crap T_T

Now onto the release:

  • Bronze – Volume 14 Chapter 59-64

Happy 21st Anniversary to GooC!

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1 year ago · Reply

Happy 21st Anniversary! I can’t wait to do a fresh reading of the entire series once volume 15 is in my greedy little hands. Thank you so much and to Nano Holics as well for making this happen!

1 year ago · Reply

Thank you for continuing this series till the end. I love your translations and have waited to finish this series when you complete it.

1 year ago · Reply

Thank you so much!!! Happy 21st Anniversary!

1 year ago · Reply

Happy 21st Anniversary! Thank you for your hard work over the years.

3 months ago · Reply

2 years ago, I came here to say that I wasn’t reading this series but I was happy to see a scan group going for 20 years.

After finishing Zetsuai, I have started to read Bronze yesterday. Now I have something else to thank you for.

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